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Shelly T. 

They do very nicely work but are extremely expensive; do yourself a favor “shop around”

Jill JKH. 

I worked with Mehmet to find the perfect runner for my kitchen. He was very helpful and i love the new runner. Its 2'7'' x 10' which was perfect size to add warmth and color to this white kitchen.

Frank C. 

Francisco couldn’t have been more friendly and professional when he delivered my carpet. The cleaning and repair done by Hasan’s Rugs on my antique (120+ year old) carpet are excellent, too. Thanks very much.

Natalya P. 

Moe, Francisco, Jose and German are incredible. The best service I have ever received. Very professional. efficient, courteous and accommodating. I had a huge old rug to clean---the made it look like new. As part of their delivery, they moved heavy furniture and installed the rug perfectly. Looks amazing! This is the third time I am using their services and, as always, am very happy and satisfied.

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