Green Kayseri Rug #426 • 4′2″ x 5′5″ • Wool on Cotton

Kayseri #426

A handmade Turkish Rug with tribal patterns
Handwoven with wool on cotton, features green and red tones
This old rug measures 4′2″ x 5′5″

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  • 4′2″ x 5′5″
  • Tribal (Geometric Designs)
  • Green
  • Red
  • Anatolian Turkish Collection
    Tribal Collection
  • Old
  • Wool on Cotton
  • Turkey
  • Not Available

• Kayseri (Kayseri, Avanos, Ürgüp, Kırşehir, Mucur, Ortaköy, İncesu)
Kayseri rugs are distinguished by their fine weaving which characterizes the manufactory production, which is prevalent in this area. The rugs are produced mainly for export, and imitate designs from other regions. Wool, silk, and artificial silk are used. The top products of the Kayseri manufactures come very close to those from Hereke and Kum-Kapı. Ürgüp, Avanos and İncesu are Cappadocian towns.
Carpets from Avanos, often in prayer rug design, are distinguished by their dense weaving. Typically, an elaborate pendant representing either a Mosque lamp or a triangular protective amulet ("mosca") hanging from the prayer niche adorns the field. The prayer niches are often stepped, or drawn in at its sides in the classical "head-and-shoulders" shape. The field is often in bright red, and surrounded by golden yellow spandrels and borders. The fine weaving allows for elaborate ornamental patterns, which make the Avanos carpet easy to identify amongst other rugs.
Ürgüp carpets are distinguished by their colours. Brown-gold is dominant, bright orange and yellow are often seen. A medallion within a medallion frequently is set into the field, which is of a typical "Ürgüp red" colour, adorned with floral motifs. Palmettes fill the corner medallions and the main borders. The outermost secondary border often has reciprocal crenellations.
Rugs from Kırşehir, Mucur and Ortaköy are closely related, and not easily distinguished from each other. Prayer and medallion designs are woven, as well as garden ("mazarlik", or "graveyard") designs. Pale turquois blue, pale green and rose colours are prevalent. Rugs from Ortaköy show a hexagonal central ornament, often including a cruciform pattern. The borders show stylized carnations arranged in a row of square compartments. Mucur carpets often show a stepped "prayer niche within a prayer niche" design, with contrasting bright madder red and light indigo colours separated by yellow outlines. The borders are composed of rows of squares filled with geometric diamond or rhomboid patterns. Mucur and Kırşehir are also known for ther multiple-niche prayer rugs, or "saph".

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Natalya P. 

Moe, Francisco, Jose and German are incredible. The best service I have ever received. Very professional. efficient, courteous and accommodating. I had a huge old rug to clean---the made it look like new. As part of their delivery, they moved heavy furniture and installed the rug perfectly. Looks amazing! This is the third time I am using their services and, as always, am very happy and satisfied.


I went to Hasan's rugs to have my rug cleaned and washed. Please note - this did not include stain removal which is a separate process. At first, I was furious that there were two costly processes but they did such a good job washing the rug, that the stain was barely visible. They also did a good job managing me! Thank you Hasan's rugs!!

Victoria W. 

Moe took care of me, even though I am not a customer. I had a rug that needed to be cleaned and I was not sure how to do it. They spent time and effort helping me out and you can tell that this business is run from heart.

Frank C. 

Francisco couldn’t have been more friendly and professional when he delivered my carpet. The cleaning and repair done by Hasan’s Rugs on my antique (120+ year old) carpet are excellent, too. Thanks very much.



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