Ivory Ushak Rug #458 • 2′8″ x 4′10″ • 100% Wool

Ushak #458

A handmade Turkish Rug with traditional patterns
Handwoven with 100% wool, features ivory and gold tones
This new rug measures 2′8″ x 4′10″

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  • 2′8″ x 4′10″
  • Traditional (Floral Designs)
  • Ivory
  • Gold
  • Anatolian Turkish Collection
    Kothan Collection
    Oushak Collection
  • New
  • 100% Wool
  • Turkey
  • Not Available

Oushak Carpets
Uşak carpets, Ushak carpets or Oushak Carpets (Turkish: Uşak Kilimi) are Turkish carpets that use a particular family of designs, called by convention after the city of Uşak,Turkey – one of the larger towns in Western Anatolia, which was a major center of rug production from the early days of the Ottoman Empire, into the early 20th century (although these patterns were woven in other regions also)
Ushak (Oushak) rugs are some of the finest Oriental Rugs, so much so that many of the masterpieces of the 15th and 16th centuries have been attributed to Oushak. The popular star and medallion carpets originated in Oushak.
Oushak rugs are known for the silky, luminous wool they work with. The dyes tend towards: cinnamons, terracotta tints, gold, blues, greens, ivory, saffron and grays.
The late 19th century saw the rejuvenation of Oriental rug production, at this time Oushak re-surfaced as a preeminent center of weaving industry. The new Oushak industry saw two major shifts in design: floral patterns in the Persian tradition were incorporated into design and room size, decorative carpets were woven as European standards demanded.
The late 19th century weavers came from villages outside of Oushak and employed tribal techniques. Paramount to these techniques was the use of larger knots (sometimes less than 30 knots per square inch) and an all-wool foundation. The tribal style fused with the older Ushak/Smyra designs. The merger of the two styles created a new style simply known as late 19th/early 20th century Oushak carpets. The new decorative Oushak, commercially woven, employed a soft red, as its primary color offsetting the large-scale floral motifs from the field in a bright blue. The luxurious quality of the wool (for which Oushaks had always been known) aided the colors luminosity.

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Natalya P. 

Moe, Francisco, Jose and German are incredible. The best service I have ever received. Very professional. efficient, courteous and accommodating. I had a huge old rug to clean---the made it look like new. As part of their delivery, they moved heavy furniture and installed the rug perfectly. Looks amazing! This is the third time I am using their services and, as always, am very happy and satisfied.

Jill JKH. 

I worked with Mehmet to find the perfect runner for my kitchen. He was very helpful and i love the new runner. Its 2'7'' x 10' which was perfect size to add warmth and color to this white kitchen.


I went to Hasan's rugs to have my rug cleaned and washed. Please note - this did not include stain removal which is a separate process. At first, I was furious that there were two costly processes but they did such a good job washing the rug, that the stain was barely visible. They also did a good job managing me! Thank you Hasan's rugs!!

Victoria W. 

Moe took care of me, even though I am not a customer. I had a rug that needed to be cleaned and I was not sure how to do it. They spent time and effort helping me out and you can tell that this business is run from heart.



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